Ebook of 7 Steps to a new work wardrobe
  • Got a new job and don’t know what to wear with what?

  • Want to take your style "up a notch" but don’t know where to start?

  • Do you have lots of clothes but still nothing to wear?

Personal Styling with Anne Murphy

Are you going or have been through a life stage – perhaps your body shape or hair colour has changed – and you want to update your image but don’t know how or where to begin?

Do you need help to identify your individual style (e.g. classic, sporty, romantic, etc), body features, colours and the clothing items you need?   Not sure of what goes with what in your current wardrobe?

Once your wardrobe is sorted, knowing/finding what to wear each day becomes quicker and easier.  Anyone can look great on any budget.

Personal Shopping Trips with Anne Murphy

Are you unsure where to go to find great outfits that fit and flatter your unique body features or your personal style ‘identity’?

On your personal style shop, you will be taken to the shops that sell clothes that suit you, your style, your shape and your budget to purchase the items that you currently need.

I don’t work for any retailers so the choices of which shops we go to is made purely because I just know they will have things that you will love.

This will be the most productive and successful shopping trip you have ever experienced!

Personal Stylist Gift Vouchers with Anne Murphy

Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone who may not otherwise treat themselves?

A Gift Voucher can be purchased for any amount of money which can be redeemed by the recipient for any of the personal styling services listed.

Gift Vouchers can be purchased over the phone or by email and can be received via email or post.

The recipient of an Anne Murphy Styling Gift Voucher will have a unique and inspiring experience. Not only will they have lots of fun, they will gain knowledge that will have lasting benefits for them for many years to come, with tips and tricks for looking good and feeling great for any occasion.

To find out more and to purchase your personal stylist gift voucher, contact Anne Murphy today.


Thank you for your help and inspiration. I’m feeling a lot better about my wardrobe these days, your visit was very helpful.

Thanks so much for fixing my resume up. It looks amazing.


About Anne

Following a business career spent in legal, manufacturing and telecommunications organizations and gaining WHS expertise, Anne made a successful career transition as business, computer and soft skills trainer and resource developer.

She has qualifications in business, management, education, career development, fashion styling and life coaching.