Classic Summer Dressing in Australia

I recently travelled to a warmer climate for a few weeks and can tell you that I followed the ‘rules’ or guidelines described below by the late Australian Fashion Designer, Carla Zampatti.

7 Tips or ‘rules’ for summer fashion that won’t go out of style.

Opt for loose silhouettes

Throughout summer, you will want to feel comfortable and most importantly cool. Choosing looser silhouettes can still be feminine and chic without clinging to the body and creating excess body heat. Think tiered dresses, skirts and airy puff sleeves – easily the most on-trend summer options. A staple that you should invest in your summer wardrobe is a loose kaftan that can be worn loose during the day and cinched in with a belt at night.

Select light colours

The best colour palette for your summertime wardrobe will always feature light colours over dark. Spring and Summer are the months where ultra-feminine light blues, pinks and pastels can be utilised to achieve a contrast from your Autumn/Winter capsule. Timeless summer staples, including a white linen button-down, and linen trousers will be reached for again and again as they can be easily transitioned from day to night with a quick change of accessories. In addition to purely aesthetic reasons, lighter colours will reflect the sun’s rays rather than absorb them, which will prove to be extraordinarily practicable on a hot summer’s day.

Balance your outfit

As short-sleeved tops and mini-skirts emerge when the temperature rises, a tip that transcends age groups is to balance your outfit – choose whether you go sleeveless with a longer skirt or wear a mini skirt with a more covered top. Following this rule will ensure that your outfit remains chic and focuses on showing off your best qualities but not everything in one go. A timeless summer trend is pairing a maxi skirt with a crop top – this will satisfy the balancing rule while keeping the outfit airy and effortless.

Accessorise with a hat

A wide-brim hat will be one of the best investments in your summertime wardrobe; a wide brim will rarely go out of style. Paired with classic stripes or a tiered summer dress, a straw hat in white or beige with a contrast band will instantly finish and elevate your look. As Carla Zampatti has a strong Italian influence, you will instantly be transported to Venice, Amalfi and Cinque Terre in an effortless summer dress and inspired hat.

Choose breathable fabrics

In addition to choosing loose silhouettes, selecting breathable natural materials should become a non-negotiable when shopping for your summer wardrobe. Carla Zampatti proudly manufactures garments in more sustainable and eco-friendly practices, with a focus on wearability, longevity and timelessness. The High Summer ’20 Collection featured garments produced in 100% cotton, linen and bamboo*. Known for their superior moisture-wicking capabilities, these natural materials will become a go-to year after year.

*100% cotton, linen, bamboo, Tencel and hemp also are natural, breathable fabrics and oh-so comfortable to wear.

Colour pop with print

An elegant way to soften your outfit in summer is colour pop with prints. Colour popping has emerged as one of the stand-out trends in recent years, and for good reason – a splash of colour will make your outfit look more thought after and defined. Summer is the perfect season to don floral prints in bright colours or pastel tones. A bonus with wearing prints is that you will have a larger variety of options to match the print with – for example, a floral print in blue and neutral tones can be easily paired with jeans for a weekend look or a tonal pencil skirt or pants to wear in the office.

Invest in classics

The best seasonal fashion tip is to create a capsule wardrobe – this can be repeated throughout the year in each season. Creating a summer wardrobe capsule should be a thoughtful curation of your body’s most-suited cuts and silhouettes. This will mean that you will consciously want to wear your outfits again and again – making them great investments. The top summer-time essentials to invest in include an assortment of timeless, effortless silhouettes that you can put on repeat year after year. A simple summer dress should be on the top of your list, followed by a well-made pair of jeans and a vibrant evening dress.

To Conclude

You don’t have to spend a lot, I have items in these fabrics from stores like K-mart, Millers, Sussan and Target, as well as Myer.

If you check in the left inside seam, about 10cm from the hem, there is usually a label sewn in that will say what the garment is made from, e.g. 100% linen.

If you’re having trouble finding colours and styles to suit you, please contact me to arrange a Shopping or Style Session.