About Anne

Anne helps people look good and feel fantastic through personalised styling

Anne’s mother was a tall, attractive and stylish lady who made many of her own and our clothes, some of them ‘cut down’ from her own full-skirted dresses.  Anne learned a great deal from her about body features, proportions and print placement on garments.  She is Anne’s style icon and inspiration.

Anne always sought to look good and feel great and learned to take it up a notch by ‘power dressing’ during a difficult time in her life.  The shoulder pads and brief case she carried certainly helped her feel more confident.  With a passion for the environment and sustainability, Anne loves natural fibres for their comfort and durability, and reduced impact on the environment.

With qualifications in business, management, education, career development, fashion styling and life coaching, recreationally, Anne also has motorcycle and SCUBA licenses.

Anne’s approach to work-life balance includes travel, exercise, cooking and crafts.  She is passionate about animal welfare, sustainable fashion and the environment and believes that if you change your style, you can also change your life and generate more positive outcomes.

She wants to enable everyone to be able to leave their house looking good and feeling great.