Frequently Asked Questions

Isn’t it expensive to engage a Personal Stylist?

It’s a long term investment. A massage or facial will cost $80-$150 say and how long do the ‘benefits’ last?  When you have a style consultation, you learn what styles flatter your unique body features and colouring.  Shopping becomes quicker and easier as you KNOW what will and what won’t work for you.  And, you’ll no longer waste money buying clothing items that you like but never wear.  Kaching!

I thought only celebrities and movie stars used Personal Stylists. Why should I?

Good question. Part of the reason that actress or celebrity gets noticed and photographed is because they DO have and use a good stylist to create their impeccable image for them.  Don’t you deserve more of this in your life too?

I think I am too old to have a consultation with a personal stylist.

As we go through different phases of our lives, we will dress differently, e.g. giving up work and becoming a stay at home mum, returning to work, changing careers, retiring. For some of us, we experience body shape changes or change our hair colour.  All these stages require a style “refresh”.  You can – and should – look good and feel good at any age.

Why do I need a stylist? I know what I like and how I want to look for different occasions.

Another pair of trained eyes can help you see outfit combinations you may not have thought of, perhaps suggest accessories that could take the look up a notch or even make an observation that you friends would tell you.

How do you justify working in an industry that seems to advocate constantly buying expensive new clothes and knowing that tonnes of clothing are discarded annually?

I have long practiced sustainability. My mother knitted and sewed our clothes, sometimes cutting down a full-skirted dress of her own.  I learned to – and still do – replace buttons and zips, sew hems back up, mend, alter and repurpose clothing from her.  I often shop in Op Shops and always donate reusable items back to them.  I am striving for zero waste in my household.

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