Thank you for your help and inspiration.  I’m feeling a lot better about my wardrobe these days. Your visit was very helpful.

Anne, I want to thank you for helping me create a capsule wardrobe to get me through my working week.  Also, it’s so much easier for me to find my favourite clothes in my wardrobe since we followed your process to remove clothes that didn’t fit or flatter, couldn’t be altered or maybe were ‘past their use-by date’.

Anne Murphy has a generous and outgoing personality.  She is very approachable, non-judgemental, and inspires others around her to have a ‘Can Do’ attitude.  She is a very positive and motivated person who has a genuine desire to help others.  She listens emphatically, instinctively knowing how to help clients seek out the right career paths, education or training they might need, and how to looks good and ‘Dress for Success’.