Cultivate a personal style that will get you noticed and enhance your career.

One thing that I have noticed from working with different women in the workplace is that no matter what your profession or calling is, your overall look, and therefore the image you’re projecting, can make or break you.

When you build a personal brand, your choice of clothing is a reflection of you, your position, and how you want to be regarded.

Your whole style sums up your persona, your presence, and how you are perceived.

5 Tips to get your style noticed at work (for the right reasons)

1.  Find and embrace what suits you

There are a lot of photos circulating again of Princess Diana.  Whilst she really embraced the 80s including big hair, shoulder pads, ruffles and dropped waists, when she really became a style icon was when she started wearing the classic tailored styling she adopted in the 90s.

If you find something that’s stylish, comfortable and perfectly reflects your personal brand, then buy it (and wear it).  If available, buy that same item or style in different colours.

2.  Your whites must be white (not grey)

Constant wear of items can often diminish their quality and value quite quickly.  This is especially true with white pieces.

There is such a pure, pristine crispness to a white dress or blouse and you don’t want to overextend the welcome by continuing to wear the items after they become shabby or even worse, start to look a bit grey.

There are plenty of products in the laundry aisle of the supermarket to help keep your whites white, so have a look next time you’re there.

3.  Invest in quality shoes and bags

Shoes and bags are often the first things people notice.  Whilst we can often get away with lower-priced clothing and find expensive-looking clothes at a bargain price due to recent improvements in the manufacture of fabrics, the same does not apply to shoes and bags.

Faux leather doesn’t really make the cut.  Look for high-quality classic shoes, belts and bags that can stand the test of time and will really complete your look.  The investment will be worth it.

4.  Don’t stress the “casual” in business casual

Casual workplaces or “Casual Friday” dress codes can be interpreted in many ways and can cause many of us to stumble.

A good rule of thumb is to stay on the “business” end of “business casual”. After all, you’re still a professional, and in a formal workplace.

Keep things casual, but sharp, with dark wash denim only for jeans and use blazers to keep professionalism in your outfit.

5.  No skimping on accessories

I have always loved accessories.  They really do complete your look.

Wearing an outfit that is ‘finished’ and well put together is one of the best ways to show that you’re on top of things and have it all sorted, right down to the last detail.

The sky is almost the limit when accessorising – add a pair of earrings, a bold scarf or a fun little clutch purse to counter the formality of a suit.

Embrace these image enhancements without forgetting to exude confidence and let your wardrobe complement the leader that you really are.

For the BusinesswomanFor the Businessman
Whether your ears are pierced or not, wear earrings. Simple stud earrings even can just ‘finish’ a look and enhance your image.Invest in a smart casual sports jacket for ‘casual Fridays’, afterhours or weekend client-entertaining activities.
When you find something you like and it’s comfortable, fits and suits you (shoes, dress, top, suit) buy one or more of it, in different colours for year-round wear.Wear a ‘pocket square’ (looks like a neatly folded handkerchief) in your breast pocket to add your flair and personality to what could be a boring business suit.