Are your knits in a knot?

Now that autumn is here, the days are becoming cooler and you start getting out our knitwear.

When you do, take a good look at it, especially under the sleeve and down the side.

I really don’t like it when an item of knitwear develops ‘balls’ (or pilling).  It can happen on any fibre, from wool to synthetic, often where the fabric rubs together, like the under arms.

You usually don’t need to replace the garment, just ‘de-pill’ it and get the garment back to looking almost new again.  Use a specially designed knit comb, lint roller or sticky tape wound around your hand, sticky side facing out, to remove any ‘balls’ that may be lurking on your knits.

Below are some tips on extending the life of your knitwear:

  • Always machine wash cold or hand wash. I wait til I have two or three items and handwash for longer life.
  • Place items that have zips, buttons or trims like beading, into a laundry bag or pillow case that fastens and close it before washing.
  • Air dry knitwear on a slightly windy day. Tumble dryers are a natural enemy of knitwear.
  • Place you washed knitwear on coat-hangers. Hopefully, your clothesline has hooks at the corners for placing coat-hangers.  Ensure the garment is secure and won’t slide off the hanger.