How to Wear Ankle Boots

Winter is here now in Australia, so it’s the right time to get out your favourite ankle boots and create some comfy Winter warming outfits to eradicate the ‘Winter blues’ and make it fun and comfortable.

I’ve had a number of questions from clients asking about the best ways to wear ankle boots as they are not always as straight-forward as they may appear.  If you aren’t already, I am definitely hoping that after reading this, you will be a big fan of ankle boots.

Wear the same shade of boot as your pants/tights/skirt/dress

My ‘go to’ for creating a long, lean look and as a result, you will give the illusion of being taller…which is great news for us ‘’vertically challenged’’!  Regardless of whether you are skirt or pants kind of girl (or both), the result will be the same. However, do make sure they are heeled boots rather than flat. to create the most flattering effect.

Wear with boyfriend or straight jeans

Heeled boots work the best when worn with straight or boyfriend jeans.

Boyfriend jeans are styled with a cuffed leg, so try wearing the cuff just above the boot for an interesting look. You can create the same effect with straight jeans and if wearing them in this way, consider showing a little bit of skin at the base, which will potentially help to slim down the look of your ankles too.

Wear with dresses and skirts

Love heels but can’t wear them?  I find that because boots support your ankle and foot, I can wear a heeled boot – wedge, Cuban, etc – and have that extra height you get from heels.

Whilst a lot of us keep our ankle boots for pants, and as they definitely do look fabulous with trousers and bootleg jeans, try getting a bit more experimental and wear your ankle boots with a skirt or dress?  You could take this even further by wearing them on cooler Spring/Summer/Autumn days.

If you do decide to wear ankle boots with a dress or skirt, just make sure the hemline is not too long – just below the knee is great, especially if, like me, you are on the shorter side.  Exceptions include the maxi skirt or dress, where the longer the hemline, the taller you’ll look.

Layer your boots with leggings or tights

Winter layering looks fabulous with ankle boots.  Consider a lovely tan-toned boot to break up the darker (or brighter) tones of your outfit.

In conclusion, the thing to remember about wearing ankle boots is to experiment. See what combinations make you look and feel good and go with that.